Journaling the Journey ~ This is me

This site is a little illustration of who I am and of a little book I will be putting together in the next couple of years ~. The content I've included should be useful for everyone I meet. I’m on my journey ~ I know what I want and I want to get to know as many people as I can along the way ~ If you don’t waste my time I won’t waste yours.

I'm currently working in PR having finished a year placement at The Walt Disney Company 'Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment'. If you've read Outliers - this experience will probably turn out to be that stroke of luck that influences me most at the perfect time before I graduate in 2010.

I've always wanted to achieve everything possible in the world. This worked against me within my first 'proper job' because I jumped into things head first making silly mistakes. I've determined everything I am and what I want to make sure I work as well as physically possible individually and within any team.

I commit myself to tasks and anything I associate MAC with to my absolute maximum mental capacity.

I'm the way I am because I couldn't always be. In the early days I struggled academically and was a bit of a rebel. It wasn't really until I knew what I wanted to do with myself while I studied business at A-level (where I had some awesome teachers - as I have been lucky to have ever since) that I began to grow, learn and develop at the fastest pace I ever had. I always had this ability within competitive sport but now I could do the same at an even higher level academically and practically.

I've started a lot of different companies and developed a lot of ideas. I've committed myself to my dream and leaving a legacy within my lifetime.

Any challenge that comes my way I'll accept and can now take on the right way to follow my path. I want to get to my highest level in order to help others to theirs.

If we haven't already met it would be good to know you.

Your hear from me again

All the best